Birik Butik presents: Jewelry Designer Livia Lazzari

We present a jewelry designer Livia Lazzari, a young artist with a strong aesthetic sense and an innate passion for handmade jewelry.

Roman de Rome, but also with one foot in Paris and London.

Graduated with honors at IED in Rome, completed her studies with summer courses at St. Martins in London.

Her jewelry brand Voodoo Jewels - is a continuous experimentation and research of new techniques and new materials. The collections are created from a melange of tribal atmospheres, remote, gothic emotions and fascination for shamanistic rituals.

The creative process is fed by the continuous search for lightness typical of Art Nouveau.


Voodoo Jewels come from a need to free the jewel from the classical meaning of the precious object, use of noble materials and expensive, by giving it a new metropolitan character, strong and defiant. Uniqueness of the object resides in the capacity for creativity and realization more that the rarity of the materials.

In tribal cultures Voodoo objects have magical qualities, are the link between the human dimension and the spirits of nature, just as the creations Voodoo act as the link between mundane reality and a fairytale landscape of spirits and ghosts.


The jewels are made with natural materials like wood, bone, leather, feathers and rough stones unearthed around Europe constantly looking for new ideas and new inspiration, both in semi-precious metals such as bronze and silver - all handmade.


3 questions to the designer:

1. Sources of inspiration and creative process, preferred materials, style and research.

- The creative process that drives the creation of my jewelry is somewhat inspired by the randomness. I never sit at a desk thinking about how I want to develop the collection, it all starts with the discovery of a new material, an object that strikes me when I decide I want to accomplish with a jewel. I try things, beside different materials and then comes the harmony of the elements … but it is a very methodical material research as well.

Regarding the inspiration I’m very fascinated by tribal jewelry and liberty style, I always try to work looking for a balance between these two bodies in search of something outrageous, but at the same time harmonious and light.

2. Next collection, what inspires you and what can we expect?

- I’m working on the concept of “explosion” …

3. Tell us a little about you

Favorite city?

- Paris.

What music can we find on your Iphone right now?

- Now I listen a lot to Bon Iver, The river dry, Oak way, Naked and famous, Pandas and gold …


What do you do when you do not create jewelry?

- I work on the communication of my brand, I try to study some accounting… and I play a lot with Olive, my dog with rough fur…:)


You can find Voodoo Jewels Collections at Birik Butik e-boutique:




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